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Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar

Say It With A Sweetie Ltd

Make your occasion or promotion a special treat, with traditionally British, personalised sweets

Stir those fond memories of when you were young and carefree – get your message across with a sweetie! 

Delight your guests with Blackpool Rock, sweets, humbugs, lollipops in any colours and flavours and personalised for either a wedding or corporate event.

We have over 70 years experience in the manufacture of Sugar Confectionery. Lettered Rock is a local craft industry and is still hand made. The simple fact is, no machine exists to this day which can put the letters through a stick of Rock or sweet.

About Say It With A Sweetie Ltd

Our History

I am the granddaughter of the founder of Blackwoods of Blackpool who have been making Blackpool Rock since 1944.  Say It With A Sweetie was created in 2008 when I was shown some sweets that had been made.  I had the idea of making all different colours, flavours and messages on the sweets for weddings and events.  This idea has now grown to sticks of rock, fudge, lollipops and is continuing to grow.

Contact Us

Contact Us

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